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This is an informational site about Silver/Grey Pugs.

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Color in Pugs

There are many references in antique books to pugs silver gray in color.

Genetic of the Silver

As promised, we finally have an update on the quest to unlock the mysteries of this wonderful Silver color gene!

Queen Victorias Pugs

“Some authorities fail to trace the pug farther back than the reign of William III, though “Stonehenge” claims its existence as a British breed “from earliest times”.

The Blue Pug

The Blue Pug has at last arrived. – Two specimens formed the centre of attraction at the Pet Dog Show at the Horticultural Hall.

Silver Grey Pug Blog

I have put this website up for those of you interested in the silver (silver grey) colored Pug. I have been researching and working with this color gene for about 20 years now; I still don’t have any definite answers, as to how the color gene works, nor where it comes from. I, alone, do not have the numbers nor the time to breed in sufficient numbers to know exactly how this color gene behaves, but I will tell you what I have learned from what I have produced, and you are welcome to form your own opinion. I encourage anyone with more information to share on the history of the silver pug, to contact me by email at highdesertpet@netzero.net. I do want to politely caution viewers, though, that I do not want to be contacted with purchase or breeding requests for the silver greys I have; that is not the purpose of this website. THIS IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES, ONLY.